Casey Ballerini with Lane Axton


Casey Ballerini isn’t even from the same school! Learning about this boys-only boarding school from her slutty sister, she decides to go dick-hunting.

She tries door after door, until finally she finds one that’s unlocked. Wearing nothing more than a thong and a bra, she sneaks into a dorm and rummages through Lane Axton’s belongings.

Shit! He’s coming… she ducks under the bed, waiting for him to settle in. Lucky for her, he’s already undressed before he turns around to find her there!

Dick fully exposed, she goes for it, giving him a deep-throat blowjob he won’t ever forget! Grabbing this blonde slut, he rams his cock deep into her mouth.

Casey quickly gets undressed, spreads her legs missionary-style and Lane goes for it! Spitting on her tight pussy, he thrusts his dick into her and makes her scream for more.

Casey takes his cock, begging him for more, and he spins her around and fucks her doggie-style! She’s screaming too much for Lane, though, and the Dean might hear her! Time to muffle her… he slaps a hand around her mouth and lets her really have his dick.

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