Olivia Casady with Ryan


Ryan Boorder’s roommates suck. They didn’t even pay the cable bill! Looking around the room for something to do, something… someone… catches his eye! Olivia Casady’s snuck into the boy’s dorm, and the Dean will be pissed!

Olivia doesn’t care, though. Getting on her knees, she seems to quickly convince Ryan with her skillful mouth against his dick! Sucking his growing penis, Ryan grabs this blonde slut by the hair and pushes her into his dick.

It doesn’t take her long before her wet pussy wants him inside her! She turns around and sits on his dick, reverse cowgirl-style, and bounces against him as he grabs her waist.

This slut’s pussy is exactly what Ryan needed after a long day at school! Pushing her onto her knees on the couch, Ryan’s ready to take full advantage of this slut. Moving his hips into her, his dick gets so deep she’s nearly falling off the couch!

Ryan knows that he’s going to make this slut his, and that’s exactly what he does. Putting her on her back, spreading her out as he pounds his dick into her pussy. This slut’s pussy is just too nice to stop, and he creampies her, showing her what a slut she is!

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