Maria Jade with Lane


Lane Axton gets back to his dorm house, only to find a tasty snack waiting for him in the pantry. Maria Jade’s snuck in again, and she’s on her knees ready to make Lane her full-course meal!

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With the roommate gone, Lane gets Maria against the wall and pulls her pussy apart, fingering her and undressing her! She gets up on the counter, waiting for Lane to penetrate her pussy. That’s exactly what he does!

Pushing his big, thick cock into her, she moans as she bounces back on his dick, her ass slapping against his hips. This slut loves to get fucked!

Lane gets her off the counter, and onto the table! Spreading her wide, he fucks her until she’s moaning and begging for more. Pounding her tight pussy, she can barely breathe she’s so excited!

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